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Classes with Señora Pezoa

Classes are 1 hour, and include singing, games, and a daily activity to take home.   

Sra. Pezoa classes are for children in kindergarten-6th grade.

Sra. Pezoa's classes teach conversational Spanish and are based on:

  • Repetition --children are exposed to the target language many, many times before being asked to produce it  

  • Accessibility --Sra. Pezoa uses the target language in a multitude of formats and settings, with various visuals and real items that make the language understandable

  • Encouragement --Sra. Pezoa requests responses from the whole class in unison so there is no  pressure to 'perform' 

  • Motivation --Every language attempt is celebrated, so there is no fear of failure involved. Children practice in unison with others and are motivated to attempt new language independently

  • Vocabulary --method of using games, songs,  individual materials  and activities to make learning fun

  • activities or songs to take home that reinforce target language and vocabulary 

                        relaxed                fun              motivating          fast learning           low pressure           


Multi-age grouping is preferable, as those who are ready can shine, and those who may take longer learn from the others and can start producing new language in their own time, in a safe and nurturing atmosphere.

Multi-ability grouping works because students are exposed to the target language that increases in complexity, however students get out of it what they are ready for, while being exposed to a variety of complexity levels.

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