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Señora Pezoa~philosophy

I love teaching Spanish, and I love making it fun for children.  I believe an early start to learning language is imperative. Children are able to learn a second language much more easily than if they wait until middle and high school or later, and we should capitalize on that.   The most important ingredient in successful language learning is attitude; which is why if it's fun students want to learn, and if it is accessible students believe they can learn.  My classes make the language learning fun and accessible through repetition and a relaxed atmosphere full of music and games and hands-on materials. 

About Señora Pezoa:

Sarah Pezoa is a licensed Colorado teacher with two masters degrees and over 25 years of teaching experience. Sarah has taught preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, elementary reading intervention and English as a second language, special education, mom-tot Spanish and Musikgarten, and Spanish as a second language Pre-K through 5th grade, as well as offered private Spanish lessons.  She is currently an Early Childhood Special Education teacher and part of the Bilingual Assessment Team for ECE in Denver Public Schools.  Sarah has studied language acquisition and she has helped many children learn Spanish in a fun and relaxed manner through her interactive and stress-free approach.  Sra. Pezoa has perfected a method of teaching that includes Comprehensible Input, music, and games to yield results. 



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